Tight Elder Gets Loosened – Missionary Boys

While bishop Jax Thirio stays with Elder Dakota Lovell, he takes advantage of the visit and uses the time to teach the young missionary valuable lessons. One morning, the bishop calls Dakota to his room for special training. The training is meant to expand Dakota, make him less uptight and looser in general. Excited to learn, Dakota opens himself up to the bishop and does whatever he is told. Soon, Dakota is spread wide on the bed as the bishop opens him up from behind.

Featuring Jax Thirio & Dakota Lovell

Missionary Boys Series showcases the experiences between elders and presidents of the fellowship and their young missionaries. They are forming bonds that cannot be broken. Watch as gay men test these straight boys in order to become men themselves as they join into the fellowship. This is an exclusive series produced by the original creators of MissionaryBoys.com and SayUncle. Get instant access to every video when you join today.


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