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Brandon James is new to the catholic school and has been roomed up with Jay Tee, a long-time resident of the all-boys home. Brandon reveals he was sent to the school because his parents caught him with another boy and want him to reform. But little do Brandon’s parents know that they sent him to the wrong school. Jay Tee grabs Brandon’s face and kisses him hard on the mouth, then wastes no time sucking Brandon’s dick. Before long, the two young men are fucking each other right then and there—it’s shaping up to be an excellent school for Brandon.

Featuring Brandon James & Jay Tee

“Yes, Father.” This is by far the most commonly used saying by religious boys of today. Altar boys are some of the most loyal and honest boys in the world. They are dedicated to serving their church. Each of us has something to confess, and these boys are no exception.

This exclusive Series showcases altar boys and their experiences with leaders of the church. Watch as these young boys reveal everything and go through the process of secretly becoming gay religious men.

Some of this footage may shock you, some may remind you of your own experiences, but one thing is for sure—all of it will make your dick hard. Join to access all the altar boy porn or go bigger as a premium member and get full access to all the premium series!

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