Help Me – Boys at Camp

Young and cute scout Dakota Lovell seeks the leadership of the studly Aiden Asher. Dakota needs help with his woodworking skills, and as a good camp leader, Aiden is happy to offer his expertise. But when Dakota comes on to Aiden, the scoutmaster isn’t sure what to do. Dakota tells him to just go with it as Aiden finds himself easing into the young scout’s enticing touch.

Featuring Dakota Lovell & Aiden Asher

Boys At Camp features wilderness, pitching tents, fireside fun, and more. Watch as these curious gay scouts become young men. This series gives a new meaning to the great OUTdoors, and every boy scout has a chance to find themselves out in the wild. is a premium SayUncle series that’s available to all premium members. Enjoy all the gay camping and scout sex videos here today!

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