I’ll Do Whatever You Say – Latin Leche

Young Latin stud Alex films his step-uncle, Ama, preparing his morning coffee and preparing to start his day. At first, Ama does not like being filmed and doesn’t like that Alex is flirting with him by rubbing his chest. But soon, the roles are reversed, as Ama takes the camera and starts filming Alex. Turned … Read more

Under The Table Suck – Brother Crush

While Rowan and Daniel Dean discuss cars and other hot topics, Dakota Lovell sneaks under the table to suck off the two studs. When they catch Dakota jerking them off and blowing them at the same time, they pull him out from under the table to reverse the roles. After Rowan and Daniel finish sucking … Read more

Alone Time With Boys At Camp

After a long day of walking through the hot and steamy woods, young scout Dakota Lovell feels exhausted. His scoutmaster, Aiden Asher, invites Dakota back to the tent for a nap and some anticipated alone time. It doesn’t take long for the two to get intimate with each other, and Aiden is in control this … Read more

Meeting My Stepdad – Latin Leche

Joe Dave is a social media influencer retelling a recent story in which he met his stepfather, Marco. The guys go to the beach, and Joe Dave gets a look at Marco’s dick, getting horny as a result. After Marco comes back from skinnydipping, Joe Dave makes his move and gives Marco a blowjob. Back … Read more

Help Me – Boys at Camp

Young and cute scout Dakota Lovell seeks the leadership of the studly Aiden Asher. Dakota needs help with his woodworking skills, and as a good camp leader, Aiden is happy to offer his expertise. But when Dakota comes on to Aiden, the scoutmaster isn’t sure what to do. Dakota tells him to just go with … Read more